Teen Hangout

A Space Your Teen (And All Of Their Friends) Will Love

About This Project

This Teen Hangout space was brought about by two parents who felt that their kids needed to have a space in which they could hang out with their friends to play games and watch movies. The homeowners had a spare room in their home that they were not using, so when the idea came about to use it as a bonus space, their kids were excited.


The bonus room features a large sectional couch, a fully-stocked snack bar (kitchenette), a large tv for movie viewing and many artistic and unique design features. The mural wall was painted by the artist Mackenzie Donovan who loves Pop Art. Mackenzie is a young woman in the beginning of her artistic career.


The inspiration for this mural came from the kids themselves; they wanted something bright that reflected their passions. They drew a sketch including elements from New York and their passion for broadway as well as football and their love for California. The final piece is a juxtaposition of many styles, including sign painting, graffiti, and abstract realism. It was intended to actualize the kids original creative vision. This mural was done in acrylic latex medium.


Teen Hangout also features a barn door and the storage shelves which were created from reclaimed wood. The space also features state of the art Lutron features such as remote lighting control and Lutron shades. Other technology in the room includes 15 individually controlled switches all voice-controlled through Alexa. The lighting in the space is Acculux and Juno lighting. The swings are made out of skateboards, one of the teen’s passions and the chalkboard wall was implemented to give the kids and their friends an outlet for their thoughts and inspirational quotes.


Previously this space was never used and now the home is the local hangout for the teens and their friends.


You can view more of Mackenzie’s work and contact her here: www.mackdoh.com.

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